Be Inspection Ready! Ceiling cleaning in restaurants, kitchens, as well as offices. Let us clean your ceilings and your workplace will be cleaner and healthier.

"I am really happy with EFS Clean's cleaning services provided. Our ceilings, walls and floor look great again. Everything was done on time." Cobs Bread - Calgary, Alberta

Ceilings that are dark and dirty make your space feel the same. In kitchens, dirty ceilings can also result in health violations.

Clean ceilings support a healthier work environment. If ceilings are left unattended they leave office staff and workers vulnerable to captured overhead toxins, airborne germs and other pollutants which, in time, will fall from soiled ceilings and may cause the spread of colds, illnesses and trigger uncomfortable symptoms of allergies and asthma.

So what do you do?

For only cents per square foot, your ceilings can be cleaned with no disruption to your business.

Our process restores ceilings to a beautiful like-new, clean condition at a fraction of the cost of replacement or painting. We have developed eighteen environmentally safe (non-toxic) cleaning products that are unrivaled in the industry and can be used in various combinations to clean virtually any type of ceiling surface. We apply the appropriate mixture of our proprietary solutions.  This mixture causes a change in the molecular structure of the soiling, while causing no damage to the surface of the ceiling or wall.

Our process is proven and our service is guaranteed. And for kitchens, our solutions are CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) certified.

Impressive cost savings! Save up to 50% off the cost of painting and 75% off the cost of tile replacement!!

Sound absorption!
Unlike paint, our process will restore your ceiling’s acoustic qualities. Our specially formulated RE-COAT product is designed to provide a clean, newly painted look while still retaining all acoustic and fire retardation values.

Fire retardant properties maintained!
Painted ceilings lower fire-retardant levels.

Environmentally friendly!
You will not be adding ceiling tiles to already over-burdened landfill sites.

Disinfects, sanitizes and de-odorizes too!
Our restoration process does all this in addition to removing dirt. Perfect for health care buildings and schools.

No shut down period!
Our trained staff work efficiently to get the job done during your downtime so your business operations are not interrupted.

Special methods for special problems!
Baked on kitchen grease, dirty ventilation areas, water stains are easily fixed.

See the results for yourself.
Let us do a demo and see the amazing transformation with your own eyes.

Beyond ceiling tile cleaning in Calgary, our restoration process is extremely versatile and can also be used for the following applications :

  • Acoustic office ceiling tiles
  • Vinyl restaurant/kitchen/bakery ceilings
  • Drywall ceilings
  • Sprayed textured and popcorn ceilings
  • Light lenses and diffusers
  • Wall surfaces including metal, tile and vinyl
  • Interior and exterior brick, stucco and stone
  • Duct work, pipes and doors
  • Awnings and outdoor signage
  • Metal and wood beams
  • Complete kitchen cleans

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Cleaning of Industrial Metal Pipes and Walls

Cleaning of Office Acoustic and Kitchen Vinyl Ceiling Tiles

Founded over 20 years ago, Ceiling Professionals International (CPI) is the worldwide leader among ceiling cleaning companies. The CPI national and international network includes over 500 CPI dealers in over 47 countries, who serve thousands of satisfied customers everyday.

Ceiling Pro International is excited to now be represented in Alberta, Canada, as a division of EFS Clean Building Services. For more information, contact us!

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