Deep cleaning that goes beyond your regular cleaning. Delivering maximum results so your floor surfaces will look new again!

Over time, tile and hard-surface floors start to look dull and dark with stubborn build-up of dirt, grease and contaminants. This build-up occurs when floor regular cleaning does not remove it and soon becomes a source of frustration and customer complaints.

Floor cleaning services help keep your floor surfaces safe and looking their best.

EFS Clean offers  floor cleaning services using environmentally friendly restoration equipment. Our floor cleaning machines use high pressure water to remove stubborn dirt that gets deep into grout and textured surfaces. Perfect for office cleaning, seniors residences and restaurant and restaurant cleaning.  Also works for rec centre cleaning on pool decks, hot tub decks, change room floors and in showers areas. We can also restore rubber pool deck surfaces and running tracks.

Our floor cleaning services in Calgary require minimal downtime, can be done overnight and is environmentally friendly.

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Before and after of cleaning on tile and non-slip surfaces.

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