Covid Cleaning – What to Look For in the Next Phase of Janitorial Services

As the world maneuvers coming out of COVID-19 lockdowns and resurrecting businesses affected by closures, the focus on commercial cleaning is at an all time high.

Janitorial Services and Office Cleaning Must Now Strive for Higher Standard Practices

This is especially true for businesses that are front facing with customers. From restaurants and travel, to gyms and retail, these industries will have to strive for higher standard cleaning practices that can then be promoted to anxious consumers.

Customers Safety Measures Increase the Value of a Business

“We provide tent cards and window decals for every business that we provide our electrostatic disinfecting service to,” says John Kangles, President of EFS Clean in Calgary, an industry leader in electrostatic disinfecting and janitorial services. “Not only does that show the extra steps these businesses are taking, but it let’s their customers feel reassured. That is worth a lot these days.”

In addition to disinfecting of touch surfaces, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is also a major concern for both staff and customers in the light of the Coronovirus.

In addition to precautions such as masks and hand-washing, scientists are now addressing the importance of proper building ventilation. A building’s HVAC system (air conditioner, furnace, and ducts) must be maintained to prevent the spread of germs.

Ceiling Cleaning Important for IAQ and Preventing the Spread of Illness

Before and After EFS Clean Services
Ceiling Cleaning Services Improve Indoor Air Quality.

Over time, germs and pollutants are trapped in office and facility ceiling tiles which can affect people with allergies and air sensitivities.

“Understanding the value of clean indoor air has also increased during this pandemic,” says EFS Clean’s John Kangles. “Ceiling cleaning services such as ours provides a cost-effective way to make ceilings and work spaces look brighter, cleaner and most of all, provide cleaner air for workers.”

Experts say there is a surge coming in business spending for cleaning equipment and staff. If cleaning was a second-thought, under-valued service in the past, it certainly isn’t any more.

Facility Managers will be Hyper Focused on Expert Cleaning Services in Calgary

So what should businesses be looking for when hiring a commercial cleaning company? According to Tim Mulrooney, a commercial services equities analyst for William Blair, this hyper focus on expert cleaning services with likely benefit the more experienced cleaning companies with proven cleaning protocols and better supply chains to help businesses ramp back up.

Choosing a trusted brand for cleaning services, versus choosing low price, is going to be key to facility managers as we enter the next phase of commercial cleaning.

EFS Clean provides trusted commercial and office cleaning services, and is the industry leader in electrostatic disinfecting services. A Calgary owned and grown cleaning company, cleaning for health and contributing to our community since 2005. Services offered: janitorial services, electrostatic disinfecting, ceiling cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning and care, carpet cleaning, high reach cleaning and supply management.