Fitness Centre & Gym Cleaning Services is Number One Factor in Member Retention and Revenue
Gym Cleanliness

Happy New Year! And with it comes many new year resolutions that will include the phrase, “exercise more”. If you are looking to join a gym, or already belong to one, you’ll probably agree there is one factor that stands out from the rest as a reason to join a club or remain a member.

As a commercial cleaning company in Calgary, we’ve seen far too often when a fitness facility forsakes cleanliness to save a few dollars. Often, they focus on having updated equipment and the latest and greatest classes. But it’s all for not if the members are coming in to an unsanitary looking environment. Luckily, our fitness clients share these sentiments and are recognized as some of the cleanest recreational facilities in Calgary.

Gym or fitness facility cleaning services are a vital part of their operational, social and financial success. In fact, cleanliness has shown to be the most powerful factor in member satisfaction, retention and average revenue per member.

study commissioned by Cintas Corp. (Dec. 28, 2012) showed 88% of U.S. adults would not return to exercise in a gym or athletic facility if they found it to have cleanliness issues. When asked specifically which cleanliness issues would most likely prevent them from exercising or working out in a gym or athletic facility, those surveyed reported:

  • Unpleasant odors: 72 percent
  • Dirty equipment: 71 percent
  • Unclean restrooms/locker rooms: 71 percent
  • Dirty floors: 55 percent
  • Lack of cleaning products to wipe down equipment: 52 percent

Gym and Fitness Facility Cleaning Services are Vital to Operational, Social and Financial Success

If you’re a gym operator and wondering how much you should be spending on cleaning, let me give you some guidelines. According to the International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association’s 2007 Profiles of Success, clubs reported spending an average of 2.9% of total revenues on housekeeping (a range of 1.4% to 4.1%). A further study of club operating data shows the more a club spends on housekeeping, the better their performance in other categories as well, such as revenue growth and member retention.

Whether you are shopping around for a new gym, or are operating one, keep in mind that facility hygiene is a reality. If there is even a slight perception of uncleanliness, that perception leads to further thoughts of lurking germs and bacteria. And nobody wants to have work-out partners like that.


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