Green Office Cleaning for People with Sensitivities
Sensitive Cleaning for Sensitive Building Occupants

Pregnant women, children with asthma, the elderly. These are all segments of the population that are particularly sensitive to cleaning products. Chemicals used in hospitals, schools, daycares and nursing homes can trigger allergies, asthma attacks and other adverse reactions to those with certain health conditions.

Office Cleaning Services in Calgary Need to Address Rise in Allergies and Asthma

The number of people suffering from asthma and allergies is on the rise. An allergic reaction can be set off simply by breathing in a cleaning chemical with strong fumes. There is evidence suggesting a link between certain chemicals found in some cleaning products and breathing ability. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences did a study showing a link between a chemical called 1,4 DCB (dichlorobenzene) and lung function. This is a chemical often found in room deodorizers and other cleaning products. Those who had the highest levels of this chemical in their blood had worse lung function. With the rise of asthma and allergies in both adults and children, there is now an increased need to customize cleaning programs based the sensitivities of those occupying the building being cleaned.

Office Cleaning for Sensitivities

Cleaning Companies in Calgary Have Access to a Variety of Safe, Effective Green Cleaning Solutions

It’s often believed that for a disinfectant to be effective, it must have a strong odor. That just isn’t the case anymore. There are now lightly scented or unscented products as well as cleaning methods that allow the chemical to be less hazardous to those with sensitivities. For example, cleaners should put the disinfectant directly on their clothes versus spraying the surface which will produce more of the product getting into the air. Another occupant-friendly option is using bio-based products which are made from plant sources and have low levels of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Products that are truly Green will be certified by third parties such as EcoLogo, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to direct consumers to environmentally responsible products and services.

EcoLogo logo

For a product to be certified, it will include this criteria:

  • Demonstrates that the product is not toxic or harmful to humans
  • Is biodegradable under aerobic conditions
  • Contains less than 1 percent volatile organic compounds (VOC) at ready to use concentration
  • Does not contain intentionally added carcinogens, mutagens, or reproductive toxins
  • Is provided in a concentrate format

This certification program also compares a similar products, helping cleaning companies and consumers understand the value of the certified green cleaning product.

Nowadays, more cleaning companies are using EcoLogo and other credited cleaning products and learning how to replace harsh chemicals with these safer alternatives. By swapping regular potent chemicals for those designed to clean Green, not only will the sensitive populations be better protected but everyone else, including the cleaners, will be better for it.


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