How Hybrid Work Benefits From Cleaning Services in Calgary Businesses
Window Cleaning Services

The pandemic changed many things for many people. This includes how and where work is getting done.

57% expect to be in the office 10 days or less each month.

77% of employees will embrace a flexible workstyle.

97% want changes to make the office safer before they return.

Gone are the days (for most companies) of being in an office 9 to 5. Most businesses are now adopting a hybrid model, mixing work-from-home with tradition in-office work. With a constantly moving staff, the importance of having your business professionally cleaned remains.

Cleaning Services Stop Illness Coming Into the Office

As people move from home and office, they may also be moving more germs. With a comprehensive cleaning program including disinfecting of high touch areas, you will minimize the spread of viruses. This results in prevention of absenteeism and a decrease in productivity.

Boost Morale with a Clean and Safe Work Environment

The pandemic made us more weary of germs and cleanliness. When people know their office is properly cleaned and disinfected daily, they will feel safe and focus more on work. These feelings of being cared for will also generate more loyalty.

Increase the Lifespan of Workplace Assets

Money was spent making your office a comfortable, productive space. Carpets, floors, furniture, kitchen appliances all need on-going care and maintenance. Ensure your cleaning company has a schedule for periodical deep cleaning of these assets to increase longevity and maintain appearance.

An Investment in Office Cleaning Services Pays Off

Employers benefit by providing a more healthy, stable workforce. By investing in a custom cleaning program for your workplace, you will increase productivity, reduce the cost of absenteeism and have happier people.

Look For This When Searching for Cleaning Companies in Calgary

If you're looking for cleaning services, don't fall for the cheapest price. Look for the best value; company history, client testimonials, quality assurance program, communication processes, customized scope of work. Trustworthy commercial cleaning companies, like EFS Clean, will be able to provide value for your cleaning investment based on this criteria.

Employers and employees can both benefit from a clean, productive work environment. Now more than ever, we can embracing this hybrid work model and all that it offers.

EFS Clean provides trusted commercial and office cleaning services in Calgary, and is the industry leader in electrostatic disinfecting services. A locally owned and grown cleaning company, cleaning for health and contributing to our community since 2005. Services offered: janitorial services, electrostatic disinfecting, ceiling cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning and care, carpet cleaning, high reach cleaning and supply management.