In-House or Contracted Janitorial Services – Which is Better for your Business?

As Covid restrictions are eased and Alberta businesses start to re-open, the cleaning and maintenance of your facility is more important than ever. Chances are, you are looking for ways to save costs and getting better value from your cleaning and disinfecting services. One way to do this is to explore the quality/cost balance of contract versus in-house cleaning.

There are pros and cons to both methods, but if cost and efficiency is the main concern, the best option tends to be contracting a cleaning company. Here’s why:

Calgary Gyms and Businesses Wanting Cleaning Services Savings for Re-opening

Lower Employee Costs: Substantial savings are found when your organization no longer has to pay employee expenses such as benefits and insurance. The cost of training and staff turn-over is also covered by the contractor.

Time Savings: A contractor manages your cleaning program and the cleaning staff, leaving you more time to focus on other responsibilities. Cleaning staff training and performance evaluations are primarily handled by the contractor. You may have to continue to provide training on building safety and procedures, but the majority of training will be off your plate.

EFS Clean Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning Performance Expertise: Professional cleaning companies can often do a better job of cleaning, offering more technical knowledge, innovations and best practices to save you time and money.

Supplies Savings: Savings on supplies can be realized when the cleaning contractor has more buying power to provide preferred pricing on supplies. As well, the contractor can manage the supplies inventory and replenishment for you.

Professional Cleaning Services Companies Offer Better Technical Knowledge and Innovations to Save You Time and Money

Quality Assurance: Q.A. programs are typically provided by a contractor so again, you don’t have to do it. These programs give you regular reporting on the buildings cleaning standards and performance, ensuring the quality of your cleaning program.

Benefits of In-House Janitorial Services

Primary reasons for having in-house cleaning staff  include:

Building Knowledge: Facility managers will be more involved in the cleaning and therefore have more on-going knowledge about the cleaning and any issues.

Flexibility: With their own staff, a building manager can assign new or revised tasks to an existing cleaner on the fly.

Relationships with Staff: A facility manager will be hiring and work closely with the cleaning team, forging a stronger relationship.

If you are a gym, recreation centre or other business planning for re-opening, this is the time to explore cleaning services options. For best performance and cost-effectiveness, the contracted cleaning services really does “shine” compared to in-house cleaning. Do your own analysis on which building cleaning method will work best. Even better, getting a proposal from a contractor will show you the best fit for your company.

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