Office Cleaning & Disinfecting Lessens Sickness During Flu Season

It's that time of year again! It's flu and cold season and there are alot of sick people. This is amplified by our weak immune systems after hiding from germs for the past few years.

A sick office means less productivity

When your office or workplace has been hit with illness there are two things that can happen; sick workers come in and spread their illness, or workers stay home and productivity suffers. Of course, the best course of action is to stay home but it does take a toll on the entire workforce.

Electrostatic disinfecting is a cost-effective solution for illness prevention

Fortunately, there are ways you can curb the spread of illness:

#1: Ensure your office cleaning program does more than improve “appearance". It pays off to invest a bit more in your cleaning to protect building occupants with thorough cleaning and disinfecting. Do your research on how to get a better quality cleaning program. It can improve your bottom line.

#2: Electrostatic disinfecting is the new darling of cleaning. The old spray/wipe method isn't enough, particularly for high traffic facilities and buildings with compromised patrons. The innovation of electrostatic disinfecting provides 100% wrap-around coverage of touch surfaces, and is the gold standard in infection prevention and control.

#3: Seek out cleaning and disinfecting professionals. Ensure any company you consider hiring has expertise and credentials in the cleaning and disinfecting field. Ask about their processes, their experience, their delivery system and chemicals being used.

The right Calgary office cleaning services can improve your bottom line

“Cleaning is getting much broader awareness and respect,” says Matt Vonachen, director with the ISSA (worldwide cleaning industry association) board of directors . “The community is going to understand the importance of cleaning and how cleaning is tied to healthy people.”

If you'd like more information on effective cleaning and disinfecting for infection prevention for your business, contact EFS Clean today.

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