Post-Construction Cleaning – Know This Floor Care Question
Post-Construction Cleaning

We recently visited a construction site of a large retail building to consult on the post-construction cleaning needs. Most of the project was typical post-construction cleaning but then we started asking questions about the floor. An interesting discussion with the project manager and site superintendent for the building ensued. What soon came to light was the fact that the construction managers simply didn’t know what was required for the care of their client’s shiny new floors. By not being able to answer one important question, this construction company could have failed their client by providing a faulty floor surface.

The all important question when doing post-construction floor care is:

What is the floor care program the building owner/client will be using? In other words, how does the client plan on cleaning and maintaining their floors?

In our case, the construction managers did not know what their client’s floor care program was so we took it upon ourselves to get this information for them. Good thing we did! Had we provided the wax finish based on the specs initially given to us by the site superintendent, it would have been disastrous.

What we had to point out to them was the following:

  • Through our research, we learned their client was using an ultra high speed floor care program.
  • An ultra high-speed floor care program requires specific wax and application, ie. number of coats.
  • Had the wrong wax been used without the appropriate number of coats, it could result in the entire floor surface having to be re-finished. Not an easy task once a retail store is open for business. And not a cost a customer wants to incur right after construction has been completed.

At the end of the day, the construction company would be held responsible for such an oversight which could cost them any future business with the client, if not more.

When looking for post-construction cleaning that includes floor care, ensure you know what your client’s maintenance program is. Then, hire a cleaning company that has the knowledge and expertise to ensure the floor is properly finished and that can help make your project a success.


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