Retail COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting for Positive Cases – Increases Health & Safety

As we approach the ever important Christmas shopping season, the viability of many retailers is absolutely crucial. Anxiety about COVID-19 may lead more shoppers to on-online shopping and less spending at local shopping malls and businesses, causing further harm to this industry.

Trying to make up for lost sales during lock downs, holiday shopping could make or break some businesses. But the “make” part can only happen if stores can keep their staff and customers safe, and their doors open.

Retail COVID Cleaning and Disinfecting Crucial to Holiday Shopping Sales

Retailers continue implementing new safety protocols into their operations, and landlords are trying to support them to ensure the success of both their businesses.

“Landlords recognize their tenants are struggling to introduce new safety protocols, says Ray Wong, Altus Group Vice-President of Data Solutions. Some stores haven’t even been able to open yet. Malls want to work with existing and new tenants to keep their properties viable. From an owner standpoint they’re trying to figure out what is the right combination to bring people back.”

The Government of Canada’s advice for retailers includes: Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces (i.e., frequently touched by others, including shopping carts/basket handles, cash registers, payment keypads, touch screens, surface counters, customer service counters).

Disinfecting with Wipes Labour Intensive and May Not Be Enough

In addition to helping customers, staff now have to focus on on-going cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day, using disinfecting wipes on high-touch areas. But for next level disinfection to prevent the spread of COVID, or in response to a close-contact or positive test, an electrostatic disinfecting service is the most effective way to get a store back to a safe level.

“The electrostatic technology that we use is the most innovative method available, says Bob Gehlen, V.P. of Operations for EFS Clean in Calgary. Killing viruses, including Coronavirus, in 2 minutes or less, we can completely disinfect a space quickly and effectively with the 100% wrap-around coverage that this technology provides.”

Retail Store Disinfecting Service in Calgary/Edmonton – Available for Emergency Call-out for Positive COVID Cases

EFS Clean offers electrostatic disinfecting services in Calgary and Edmonton for prevention, as well as for one-time service and emergency call-outs in the case of a positive test result or close-contact scenario.

“We encourage businesses to adopt weekly programs to keep a base level of safety in facilities, says Gehlen. In addition to that, we can be on-site within hours to expedite deep disinfecting. It all plays into increasing health and safety for retail outlets.”

Contact EFS Clean if you have a staff test positive or if you are looking for a more thorough disinfecting protocol. Call 403-949-3344 or email info@efsclean.com.

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