Educating Customers for Success
Educating Customers

We recently started a new contract in an office building with a wide variety of tenants. Already having experience in these type of buildings, we know what’s coming . . . a whole bunch of people with different opinions and thoughts on how their offices should be cleaned.

In addition to the task of building and executing an effective cleaning program for these clients, a good portion of our efforts also goes into managing their expectations. How do we do this? EDUCATION.  As a sales person in the cleaning industry, it is my responsibility to work with our customers and help educate them on what they can expect from their cleaning services and why.

Here are is some of what can be done in the sales/education process:

Start by Being a Partner: It doesn’t matter what you sell, or to who, position yourself from the get-go as a knowledgeable partner and a resource of information and opportunities to help solve your customers’ problems.

Tasks = Time = CostWork loading is a method cleaners use to calculate how much time every task within a cleaning program will take based on a specified space. Having such calculations to show customers allows them to understand the costs involved with what they are looking to purchase.

Get a Budget Or Scope, Not Both: We’ll sometimes get asked to bid on a cleaning contract where the customer will provide us not only the budget, but what he or she wants for that budget. Don’t bite on that one! To save everyone time and effort, it has to be made clear that the customer can provide you with one, but not both of those variables. If they want to stick to a budget, we will recommend what they can get for that. If they tell us specifics of what they want in their program, we tell them how much it will cost. Simple as that.

Follow-up and Follow-through: Winning the business is great, but it doesn’t stop there. Continual customer service and support is key. We’re the first to admit . . . we are not perfect and the business of cleaning is not perfect. Therefore, we continually strive to hit our marks and even if we don’t, we react quickly and effectively to find solutions that keep our customers satisfied. In any business (which is every business) that is prone to making “mistakes” from time to time, it’s the follow up and follow-through that makes the difference.

With experience comes intelligence. Passing on both of these things to new and existing clients will ensure for a much smoother and more successful business relationship for all.


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