Investment in Cleaning = Increased Business Revenues
Investment in Cleaning = Increased Business Revenues

Let’s face it. Cleaning is often viewed as a cost of doing business which takes away from profit. What many business owners/managers forget, or simply don’t know, is that cleaning is actually a smart investment towards a stronger bottom line.

According to the ISSA’s The Value of Clean study, these are some of the ways that an investment in cleaning pays off:

  • When choosing where to shop, customers rank cleanliness as the most important element in a store ahead of lighting, temperature and ambiance
  • 62% of shoppers say a store’s positive environment led them to spend more
  • 94% of customers say they would not return to a business if they encountered unclean washrooms
  • Unplanned staff absenteeism due to illness results in a 54% reduction in productivity and 39% drop in sales/customer service
  • A properly cleaned business can result in an 80% reduced rate of catching the cold or flu and 46% reduced absenteeism
  • 2.8% productivity gain due to a healthy workforce can add up to $125,000 in business savings

A clean business is a smart business. Not only will your employees be healthier and happier, but your customers will enjoy their experience more and often, will spend more money.  Improve your cleaning and you will improve your bottom line. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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