5 Steps for Calgary Cleaning Services on Autopilot

If you’re responsible for managing cleaning services for your workplace, you know it can be challenging. Managing cleaning staff and schedules can be time consuming. Dealing with cleaning issues can be frustrating.

Follow these steps to get a well thought-out cleaning services program that basically runs itself. 

A Well Planned and Executed Cleaning Services Program Will Run Itself

Step 1: Explore hiring a cleaning contractor. A qualified cleaning company will take the day-to-day responsibilities off your plate so you can focus on other areas of your job. Research cleaning companies in your area that have experience, expertise and longevity. The cleaning business is not for the faint of heart so companies that have been in business 10+ years and have stellar reviews are a must.

Step 2: Get a quote based on your current cleaning scope so you can compare apples to apples. Be clear on the tasks and frequencies you want. Then you will get comparative costs in time and money. Once you have a comparable quote, ask the contractor for additional suggestions for better technology, additional services, etc. so you have a customized program for your needs.

Step 3: Analyze comparable costs. If you’re comparing contractor pricing to in-house cleaning costs, take into account staff overhead such as benefits, vacation pay, etc. You also have to consider the cost of your own time for managing an in-house cleaning program. Contractor pricing will include these costs. Also, a cleaning company may be able to complete the work more efficiently saving you time and money.

A Qualified Calgary Cleaning Company Must Have Experience, Expertise and Longevity

Floor Deep Cleaning

Floor Deep Cleaning

Step 4: Ensure your cleaning services include (at no extra cost) a quality assurance program. A qualified cleaning company will include an inspections program to ensure quality of the cleaning. Any issues can be dealt with proactively, and in a timely manner. These site visits and inspections also keep communication open between you and the contractor which is important in any business relationship.

Step 5: Include an annual schedule of deep cleaning tasks. This will ensure on-going maintenance of your building is on autopilot. Pre-scheduled carpet cleaning, window cleaning, floor scrubbing and high dusting will protect building assets and keep your workplace looking it's best. Don't forget to check that the contractor you are considering has the expertise to provide these specialty services.

By developing a smart cleaning program, you will save time and money. You will move into overseeing your cleaning services rather than running them yourself, knee deep in the day-to-day tasks of it. What is that kind of peace of mind worth to you?


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