Industrial Cleaning Services

Specialized Industrial Office Cleaning Services for Improved Health and Productivity

Case Study: 

EFS Clean was called in to help a company remove stubborn dirt and grease that had built up over the years. They tried other industrial cleaning companies in Calgary but were not happy with the results. We recommended a two-tiered cleaning services program that included general office cleaning along with periodical specialized cleaning services to keep heavier soils from building up and tracking throughout the building. After implementing our program, the client saw an immediate improvement in the look of their building and was happy to hand off the work and scheduling to us!

Dust and dirt might be part of your business, but don’t let it define your business.

And now, with the threat of serious illness such as COVID-19, the health of your staff and operations is more important than ever!

Commercial office cleaning services for industrial buildings require attention to detail and the expertise to clean a variety of soiled surfaces. Our knowledge and experience of cleaning chemicals and practices ensures we can clean all types of dirt on any type of surface. 

A valuable tool for improving business health and productivity is a comprehensive cleaning program. A customized program will include daily tasks; general cleaning and disinfecting for illness prevention, and pre-scheduled periodical tasks for on-going maintenance, which can include:

high reach cleaning

ceiling cleaning

floor deep cleaning

carpet cleaning

window cleaning

Pre-scheduling this work into your program will save you time, money and protect your staff and building assets. 

Your plant, your warehouse and your entire operation and staff will be clean, healthy and protected. This is what will ensure the continued operations and success of your business. 

EFS Clean has provided office cleaning services for industrial buildings in Calgary since 2005 and understands what’s needed to get your spaces clean, and keep them that way. 

A clean industrial building looks better, performs better and increases your bottom line. 

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My job is stressful enough, especially near the completion of a project. The fact that I can make a phone call and have EFS Clean there when I need is important. In this business, it pays to have trustworthy partnerships. After working together on multiple projects, John and his team have proven they know the business.

– Mark E., Construction Site Superintendent

Reliable Industrial Cleaning Services for the Right Price

Delivering reliable commercial cleaning services at a fair and reasonable cost, EFS Clean is a one-stop provider for industrial cleaning services in Calgary. 

Calgary commercial cleaning services offered:

  • daily janitorial cleaning services
  • concrete floor cleaning services
  • high dusting/cleaning services
  • kitchen/customer lounge deep cleaning services
  • floor cleaning services
  • floor stripping and waxing
  • carpet cleaning services
  • upholstery cleaning services
  • ceiling cleaning services
  • window cleaning services
  • electrostatic disinfection services
  • environmentally friendly cleaning services
  • paper, plastic and soap supply management
  • custom mat programs

Giving you the best value for your cleaning dollars through:

  1. Customized cleaning programs to suit your needs and budget 
  2. Innovative quality assurance technology to ensure you get what you are paying for
  3. Long-term, well trained staff that you can rely on
  4. Local, accountable management team that is quick to respond, always working to ensure your complete satisfaction
  5. Specialized cleaning services to protect and maximize the life of building assets 
  6. Supplies management program for additional time and money savings

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