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Recreation Centre and Gym Cleaning Takes Expertise. That's Why it's Our Specialty.

Since changing our janitorial company to EFS Clean, we have seen a noticeable improvement in the cleanliness of our building. The company is very responsive to any new requests we might have, and their staff team is a pleasure to work with. Feedback from our staff and clients has been extremely positive, and the cleanliness of our facility serves to enhance the experience of our clients.

Calgary Jewish Community Centre

Working out in a clean gym will make your muscles bigger. It’s true!

Well, that might not be quite true. But what is true is recreation centre and gym cleaning services go beyond regular cleaning. Locker rooms, showers, weight rooms and arenas. Wood floors, running tracks, tile floors, high ceilings. So many areas with different surfaces that require expert care and attention. We know how to clean and maintain it all, and how to keep staff, customers and visitors happy and healthy.

Have you ever explored the efficiencies of in-house versus contract janitorial cleaning services? You should. 

EFS Clean will provide you with a full cost analysis so you can make the best decision for your business. Don’t believe us? Ask our clients. This cost analysis has already led several Calgary recreation centres to contract their cleaning services to EFS Clean, saving them thousands of dollars per year!

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Simply provide your cleaning requirements below and we will send you a quote for trusted Calgary cleaning services.

Costco Wholesale in Calgary has used EFS Clean for many years to provide ceiling cleaning in their food services areas. This has led to us servicing various Costco locations, even outside of Calgary, with ceiling cleaning and other specialty cleaning services such as high dusting and washroom deep cleaning.

– Costco Wholesale, Calgary

Recreation Centre and Gym Cleaning Services are No Sweat for Us

EFS Clean is a leading Calgary cleaning company, specializing in recreation centre cleaning services. That’s why we understand what’s needed to keep your facility clean and healthy.

Rec centres require attention to detail, extensive knowledge and a dedicated team to ensure the variety of  unique surfaces are properly cleaned, day and night, 7 days a week. And EFS Clean delivers all that.

Why should you trust us? Because we are the chosen cleaning company for many prominent fitness facilities in Calgary.

If you have a cleaning challenge, we have a solution. As rec centre cleaning experts, EFS Clean is a one-stop provider for rec centre cleaning services and gym cleaning services in Calgary.

Calgary commercial cleaning services offered:

  • overnight and daytime janitorial cleaning services
  • pool deck tile cleaning services
  • floor cleaning services
  • washroom, shower and change room deep cleaning services
  • arena cleaning services
  • high dusting/cleaning services
  • gym wood floor cleaning services and refinishing
  • ceiling cleaning services
  • window cleaning services
  • electrostatic disinfection services
  • environmentally friendly cleaning services
  • paper, plastic and soap supply management
  • custom mat programs

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Any Day, Any Time. Cleaning Services Available 24/7.

EFS Clean has the technical knowledge and experience to properly care for every area of your facility, operating 24 hours a day/365 days a year.

Giving you the best value for your cleaning dollars through:

  1. Customized cleaning programs to suit your needs and budget 
  2. Innovative quality assurance technology to ensure you get what you are paying for
  3. Long-term, well trained staff that you can rely on
  4. Local, accountable management team that is quick to respond, always working to ensure your complete satisfaction
  5. Specialized cleaning services to protect and maximize the life of building assets 
  6. Supplies management program for additional time and money savings

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