Restaurant & Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services
Do-It-Yourself Cleaning in Restaurants Pose Health & Safety Risks

Restaurant Cleaning & Ceiling Cleaning Services for Happy Health Inspectors

I am really happy with the cleaning services provided. Our ceilings, walls and floors look great again. And they were done while we were closed so there was no inconvenience.

-Cobs Bakery Calgary

Simple Math. Happy customers + happy health inspectors = happy restaurateur.

Commercial kitchens take a beating. Over time, debris and grease build up on ceilings, walls and floors. Before you know it, your kitchen is dark and dingy and your health inspector is not very happy.

As a restaurant or food services manager, your job is to deliver an excellent dining experience in a clean, inviting space. Cleanliness is critical to creating a welcoming environment and to ensuring food safety.

Keep a schedule for regular deep cleaning and ceiling cleaning throughout the year.

EFS Clean provides professional restaurant cleaning services in Calgary to ensure your establishment always looks and feels inviting. We clean and maintain everything from floors to ceilings . . . yes, literally, ceilings – check out our Ceiling Cleaning Services page for more details.

Delivering reliable commercial cleaning services at a fair and reasonable cost, EFS Clean is a one-stop provider for restaurant cleaning services in Calgary. 

Calgary commercial cleaning services offered:

  • daily janitorial cleaning services
  • ceiling cleaning services
  • wall cleaning services
  • washroom deep cleaning services
  • floor cleaning services
  • floor stripping and waxing
  • carpet cleaning services
  • high dusting/cleaning services
  • upholstery cleaning services
  • window cleaning services
  • electrostatic disinfection services
  • environmentally friendly cleaning services
  • paper, plastic and soap supply management
  • custom mat programs

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Costco Wholesale in Calgary has used EFS Clean for many years to provide ceiling cleaning in their food services areas. This has led to us servicing various Costco locations, even outside of Calgary, with ceiling cleaning and other specialty cleaning services such as high dusting and washroom deep cleaning.

– Costco Wholesale, Calgary

Giving You The Best Value For Your Cleaning Dollars

  1. Customized cleaning programs to suit your needs and budget 
  2. Innovative quality assurance technology to ensure you get what you are paying for
  3. Long-term, well trained staff that you can rely on
  4. Local, accountable management team that is quick to respond, always working to ensure your complete satisfaction
  5. Specialized cleaning services to protect and maximize the life of building assets 
  6. Supplies management program for additional time and money savings

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