How to Avoid the Flu Bug in your Office
Office Cleaning for Sensitivities

It’s in the news. It might even be in your office or house right now. The dreaded flu bug is back with a vengeance in Alberta. With some care, diligence and good cleaning, there are things you can do to guard against illness as the flu season reaches it’s peak.

Public Washroom Tips: Of course, wash your hands thoroughly when using public washrooms. If possible, use paper towels instead of hand dryers as the air movement from dryers causes further spreading of bacteria. Take further advantage of your paper towel using it to turn off the faucet and pull the door open, avoiding post-washing germs along the way.

Sick Surfaces: Keyboards, phones, the photo copier, the staff kitchen counter . . . nasty flu germs can survive on these types of surfaces for up to 48 hours.  Keep sanitizing wipes handy so you can consistently clean your desk. If you don’t want to look totally paranoid by sanitizing every public surface you encounter, then just remember to keep your hands away from your mouth and nose and then sanitize as soon as you get back to your chair.

Check In With Your Cleaners: Have a chat with your office cleaning crew to ensure they are paying special attention to touch points around the office. Careful sanitizing of door knobs, light switches, faucets, etc. should be done thoroughly and daily. 

Get Vaccinated: Many companies offer flu shots for employees. It’s a fast, convenient way to get immunized against flu strains that are expected to be rampant during flu season.

Wash and Sanitize Hands OFTEN: Wash with soap and water, for at least 30 seconds, and do it often. Hands are very efficient at carrying germs which can then be easily transferred to your mouth. Keep in mind too that if you pack a lunch, choose foods that you eat with a fork and spoon so you are less likely to eat germs off your fingers.

Stay Home: Finally, if you do get sick, do all your co-workers a favour and stay home! Even if you feel the office will fall apart without you, so be it. It will suffer much more if the entire staff is out sick thanks to you.


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