Plantar Warts and Other Risks of Unclean Public Pools
Plantar Warts and Other Risks of Unclean Public Pools

Public swimming pools provide hours of fun for kids, a great workout for swimmers and a nice escape from ugly outdoor conditions. Unfortunately, they can also provide an array of illnesses and unsafe conditions when the swimming pool decks and change rooms are not properly cleaned.

Plantar warts is common amongst swimmers. They can occur when the human papilloma virus (HPV)enters through the skin on the bottom of the feet, often through cuts or breaks. The virus thrives in moist areas, so it is often present on contaminated surfaces, such as the tile floors swimming pools, showers and change rooms. The best remedy? Protect your feel by wearing flip-flops when walking around these areas.

Almost 1 in 8 routine pool inspections in 2008 identified serious violations that threatened public health and safety and resulted in an immediate closure. (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.)

Facility managers responsible for the maintenance of swimming pools and recreation centres can help their customers avoid such risks. By implementing a comprehensive cleaning program that includes restoration of tile surfaces, viruses as well as general build-up can be removed. Hard surface restoration is different from general tile cleaning. Specialized equipment, using environmentally friendly high-pressure water, is used to ensure a deep clean while also providing a vacuum component to keep chemical residue from entering the pool water. This results in a tile or concrete surface being restored to almost-new condition.

Deep cleaning of pool tile provides numerous benefits for pool users (and for pool managers):

  • removal of wart causing virus
  • reduced risk of slipping due to body oils and residue on tile
  • removal of lime and rust build-up on tile that causes the facility to look old and worn
  • an overall brighter, newer looking facility that will is more inviting to users

How clean is your neighborhood pool? Does it appear to be well maintained? If not, speak out. Let facility managers know that you are not happy with the look and safety conditions of their building. You and your family will be healthier for it.


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