Do This to Improve Cleaning Services and Sustainability for Your Business

Future of Calgary workplaces focused on commercial cleaning services and sustainability

The affects of Covid-19 have us contemplating what the future of our workplaces will be. What we do know is that commercial cleaning services, and workplace health, have taken a priority position. Yet, there is another feature that was unaffected by the pandemic and continues to be a focus; sustainability.

Although the pandemic has shifted some of our business practices, people still have an expectation for sustainable and environmentally friendly measures.

While we all work on keeping employees and customers healthy, it’s relatively simple to do the same for our planet.

Eight easy ways to make your business more sustainable:

1. Encourage modified work structures, such as working from home to cut down on commuting

2. Engage staff with challenges and rewards, such as contests for using less single-use plastic and having the least amount of garbage in the lunchroom.

3. Facilitate a robust, well-labeled recycling program so your business can repurpose as many materials as possible

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4. Go paperless. Most of us are used to saving documents rather than printing them so keep encouraging this practice.

5. Work with a local charity and encourage employees to donate unwanted items to a charity that can redistribute goods to others

6. Take care of businesses assets such as carpets, floors and equipment to ensure maximum lifespan and keeping them out of landfills

7. Change over to energy efficient lightbulbs and appliances so you use less energy and reduce business costs

8. Purchase EcoLogo certified cleaning products for less toxic affects in your workplace and on the environment

Continue best cleaning services in Calgary for increased productivity and morale

Continue best practices with your cleaning services for increased staff morale and productivity. At the same time, continue implementing sustainable practices. All of this together will ensure the happiness of your people, our community and the health of our planet.