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In-House or Contracted Janitorial Services – Which is Better for your Business?

As Covid restrictions are eased and Alberta businesses start to re-open, the cleaning and maintenance of your facility is more important than ever. Chances are, you are looking for ways to save costs and getting better value from your cleaning and disinfecting services. One way to do this is to explore the quality/cost balance of contract versus in-house cleaning.

There are pros and cons to both methods, but if cost and efficiency is the main concern, the best option tends to be contracting a cleaning company. Here’s why:

Calgary Gyms and Businesses Wanting Cleaning Services Savings for Re-opening

Lower Employee Costs: Substantial savings are found when your organization no longer has to pay employee expenses such as benefits and insurance. The cost of training and staff turn-over is also covered by the contractor.

Time Savings: A contractor manages your cleaning program and the cleaning staff, leaving you more time to focus on other responsibilities. Cleaning staff training and performance evaluations are primarily handled by the contractor. You may have to continue to provide training on building safety and procedures, but the majority of training will be off your plate.

EFS Clean Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning Performance Expertise: Professional cleaning companies can often do a better job of cleaning, offering more technical knowledge, innovations and best practices to save you time and money.

Supplies Savings: Savings on supplies can be realized when the cleaning contractor has more buying power to provide preferred pricing on supplies. As well, the contractor can manage the supplies inventory and replenishment for you.

Professional Cleaning Services Companies Offer Better Technical Knowledge and Innovations to Save You Time and Money

Quality Assurance: Q.A. programs are typically provided by a contractor so again, you don’t have to do it. These programs give you regular reporting on the buildings cleaning standards and performance, ensuring the quality of your cleaning program.

Benefits of In-House Janitorial Services

Primary reasons for having in-house cleaning staff  include:

Building Knowledge: Facility managers will be more involved in the cleaning and therefore have more on-going knowledge about the cleaning and any issues.

Flexibility: With their own staff, a building manager can assign new or revised tasks to an existing cleaner on the fly.

Relationships with Staff: A facility manager will be hiring and work closely with the cleaning team, forging a stronger relationship.

If you are a gym, recreation centre or other business planning for re-opening, this is the time to explore cleaning services options. For best performance and cost-effectiveness, the contracted cleaning services really does “shine” compared to in-house cleaning. Do your own analysis on which building cleaning method will work best. Even better, getting a proposal from a contractor will show you the best fit for your company.

EFS Clean provides trusted office cleaning and janitorial services in Calgary, and is the industry leader in electrostatic disinfecting services in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver. A Calgary owned and grown cleaning company, cleaning for health and contributing to our community since 2005. Services offered: cleaning services, electrostatic disinfecting, ceiling cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning and care, carpet cleaning, high reach cleaning and supply management. 

Electrostatic Disinfecting versus Fogging for COVID. What’s the Difference?

The importance of disinfecting as part of infection prevention and cleaning protocols has been a hard sell . . . until now! With the threat of Coronavirus, everyone is researching disinfecting and sanitizing in hopes of ridding their environments of this dreaded virus.

Do Your Homework Before You Hire a Disinfecting Service for COVID Prevention

Before you hire a company to provide a disinfecting service for Coronavirus, do your homework to ensure you are getting the most effective method, the proven kill claims and a fair price. (We’ve been hearing on the street that there are disinfecting companies in Calgary currently charging 10 times what we are, which we believe is gouging, unethical but unfortunately during a crisis, not surprising.)

Helpful Disinfection Facts:

What is the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting?

Cleaning is the removal of debris such as organic and inorganic material (often called “soil”) from objects and surfaces. Sanitizing is the reduction, not killing, of organisms on a surface. Disinfecting will “kill” the microscopic organisms on a surface .

What is the difference between misting, fogging, spray/wipe and electrostatic disinfecting?

Misters and fogging systems deliver very small droplets that passively deposit on surfaces based on the direction of spray and the effect of gravity, which may result in uneven coverage. Spray/wipe methods are also time consuming, labour intensive and provide the least consistent coverage. Electrostatic delivers charged droplets that are actively attracted to surfaces, including the back sides and crevices of surfaces regardless of the direction of spray for complete wrap-around disinfection coverage.

Does EFS Clean’s electrostatic disinfecting service kill Coronavirus?

Yes! Our Clorox electrostatic disinfecting service kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds and is Health Canada registered to kill 44 organisms including Coronavirus, MRSA, Norovirus and cold/flu viruses in 2 minutes or less.  

What types of areas can this electrostatic disinfecting service be used in?

EFS Clean is currently using this system to service a variety of environments including; office spaces, schools, labs, manufacturing plants and more. The disinfecting products are safe for use on a wide range of both porous and non-porous surfaces.

How long is the wait time to re-enter a space after the electrostatic disinfecting service?

Bystanders can enter the room immediately after product has been applied.  The zero re-entry time was determined following testing with the Clorox® Total360® System.  Immediately after use, the levels of products in the air were measured and found to be below acceptable limits.

Please do your research and contact us if you’d like more information on cleaning and disinfecting for the health and safety of your staff and customers.


EFS Clean provides trusted commercial and office cleaning services, and is the industry leader in electrostatic disinfecting services. A Calgary owned and grown cleaning company, cleaning for health and contributing to our community since 2005. Services offered: janitorial services, electrostatic disinfecting, ceiling cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning and care, carpet cleaning, high reach cleaning and supply management. 

5 Easy Practices for Infection Control in Your Workplace

Do you have a plan to protect your staff, customers and building occupants from the spread of illness? Healthy workers and customers means a healthier bottom line to your business.  And prevention of illness is key to that. 

For example, a thoroughly cleaned and disinfected facility means improved profitability through:

  • 80% reduced probability of catching a cold or flu
  • 62% reduction in contaminated surfaces
  • 46% reduction in absenteeism

Do This to Stay Healthy

Hand Washing – One of the simplest and most important methods to prevent the spread of illness. Wash hands often, especially when you are around sick people or are in populated spaces such as schools, healthcare facilities, etc. Wash hands with soap and water, scrubbing for at least 20 seconds. Alcohol gel can also be used to decontaminate hands.

Keep Tissues on Hand

Cover your Mouth and Nose – Germs from a cough or sneeze can travel up to three feet! Use a tissue and then wash your hands after sneezing or coughing. No tissue? Cough or sneeze into the bend of your elbow, rather than into your hands. If you use your hands (old habits die hard), wash them immediately.

Get Vaccinated – Please protect yourself and those around you by getting vaccinated!

Stay Home – If you are sick, stay home to keep from spreading it to others. I know it’s hard to believe, but the office will survive a day or two without you.

Office Cleaning Services Detail Work Will Pay for Itself.

Check Your Office Cleaning Services – Talk to your office cleaning company to ensure they are using certified disinfectants on high-touch areas such as light switches, door handles, keyboards, etc. You may have to pay slightly more for this detail work but it will save you money with increased productivity and decreased absenteeism.

Electrostatic Disinfecting for Faster, Cost-effective Infection Prevention in Schools, Nursing Homes and Healthcare.

One More Thing You Should Do – Ask us about the innovation of electrostatic disinfecting, now offered as part of our office cleaning services in Calgary. This technology provides fast, cost-effective disinfection, particularly in large facilities such as schools, assisted living, seniors housing and healthcare facilities.

EFS Clean provides trusted commercial and office cleaning services, and is the industry leader in electrostatic disinfecting services. A Calgary owned and grown cleaning company, cleaning for health and contributing to our community since 2005. Services offered: janitorial services, electrostatic disinfecting, ceiling cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning and care, carpet cleaning, high reach cleaning and supply management. 

Beware of the Cost of the “Lowest Price” for Office Cleaning Services in Calgary

The “lowest price” game is a bad business strategy. Unfortunately, it is a common one.

I saw it when I was in radio advertising. The unskilled salespeople resorted to selling their “puffs of broadcast air” based on price. Those of us who were good marketers and competent salespeople, sold that same air for top dollar based on valuable expertise and a track record of quality advice and results.

The construction business is another industry challenged with low-balling. And from my current perspective, commercial and office cleaning services in Calgary have some of the worst culprits of this same bidding strategy. Some cleaning companies in Calgary do it because it’s a lazy method of winning business requiring no expertise. Certain service buyers do it because they don’t value facility cleanliness and they believe they are helping their bottom line. Both parties soon discover this is a costly way of doing business.

Even worse, we are now seeing cleaning equipment manufacturers evolving their business to target the low margin operators. At a recent meeting, we chatted with a manufacturer’s rep who proudly told us they are now selling a vacuum that is specifically built for spot cleaning. Knowing cleaning companies’ margins are getting smaller, they developed this vac to let the cleaners cut corners and save time. Of course, this is a problem for the client who, according to the scope of work in the contract, is expecting a full vacuum and is unknowingly only get spot cleans.

Just recently, our company, EFS Clean, lost a contract to a lower bidding commercial cleaning company. We had bid the job realistically, for what we knew it would take to do the job right. A strategy that we pride ourselves on. Sure enough, a few months later this client called and asked if we could take over the contract. The low bidding cleaner they had originally chosen was doing a terrible job and the client finally realized that the low price they were paying was causing the cleaner to take short-cuts. It ended up costing the client a remedial clean to get their facility back up to standards as well as time and energy to fire and re-hire the services.

If you are looking to hire a cleaning services company in Calgary and you see a bid that is much lower than the others, BEWARE, and do your due diligence with the following:

  • Talk to that cleaning company about their time and task schedule. Are they allowing enough hours to do the job you are expecting? The cleaning business is not rocket science. It is based on time required for scope of work requested. In fact, the ISSA (association for the Worldwide Cleaning Industry), provides a guideline for cleaning times which credible cleaning companies use when allocating labour hours to cleaning tasks.
  • Inquire as to what the cleaning company’s employee compensation position is. Do they pay a fair or better wage to their cleaners? How long have their employees been with them? If a company can do a job for much less, then something is being compromised. That something is usually employee wages. It’s the client who will then pay when these undervalued cleaners leave to find better opportunities or do a poor job because they are not respected for their work.
  • Ask about the size of cleaning crews and flexibility of personnel. A mom-and-pop cleaning operation may be able to do the job for less, but the client suffers by only having two cleaners available. What happens when one of the cleaners is sick? Or they are always late and in a rush because they have to get to the next job? We recently got a call from a client who wanted us to take over the cleaning from a mom-and-pop operation because the two people doing the work could no longer keep up with what this growing company needed.
  • Find out what the low bidding company’s policy is on pricing adjustments. Typically what happens is a company will provide a low bid to get a job. Then once they are in, they will constantly come back to the client asking for more money for one task and then another, because they don’t have enough time to get it done. Eventually, the client pays just as much or more than if they would have gone with an honest, more realistic bid.
  • Evaluate your results, on-going. If you decide to hire the cheapest guy, then evaluate the work regularly to ensure the standard is where it needs to be. If the work quality drops because the cleaners can’t afford the time, then have a 30-day clause to get out of the contract. Better yet, don’t get yourself into this situation to start and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

Listen to reason when it comes to pricing. If a higher priced service provider gives you a reasonable bid and backs it up with industry guidelines, ethical beliefs in staffing and a genuine goal to help your business then this is much more valuable to you than a low price.

Remember the old adage, “you get what you pay for” ? The same can be said for your building and office cleaning services so shop wisely and beware of those that are luring you with price versus expertise, experience and honesty.


EFS Clean is locally-owned-and-grown, taking pride in being a trusted commercial and office cleaning company in Calgary since 2005. Our services include quality assured building and office cleaning services, construction cleaning, ceiling cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, restaurant cleaning services, window cleaning services and electrostatic disinfection. Let us help you get a better clean by calling 403-949-3344 or send us a message on our Contact Us page.