Tag: janitorial services

Tag: janitorial services

In-House or Contracted Janitorial Services – Which is Better for your Business?

As Covid restrictions are eased and Alberta businesses start to re-open, the cleaning and maintenance of your facility is more important than ever. Chances are, you are looking for ways to save costs and getting better value from your cleaning and disinfecting services. One way to do this is to explore the quality/cost balance of contract versus in-house cleaning.

There are pros and cons to both methods, but if cost and efficiency is the main concern, the best option tends to be contracting a cleaning company. Here’s why:

Calgary Gyms and Businesses Wanting Cleaning Services Savings for Re-opening

Lower Employee Costs: Substantial savings are found when your organization no longer has to pay employee expenses such as benefits and insurance. The cost of training and staff turn-over is also covered by the contractor.

Time Savings: A contractor manages your cleaning program and the cleaning staff, leaving you more time to focus on other responsibilities. Cleaning staff training and performance evaluations are primarily handled by the contractor. You may have to continue to provide training on building safety and procedures, but the majority of training will be off your plate.

EFS Clean Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning Performance Expertise: Professional cleaning companies can often do a better job of cleaning, offering more technical knowledge, innovations and best practices to save you time and money.

Supplies Savings: Savings on supplies can be realized when the cleaning contractor has more buying power to provide preferred pricing on supplies. As well, the contractor can manage the supplies inventory and replenishment for you.

Professional Cleaning Services Companies Offer Better Technical Knowledge and Innovations to Save You Time and Money

Quality Assurance: Q.A. programs are typically provided by a contractor so again, you don’t have to do it. These programs give you regular reporting on the buildings cleaning standards and performance, ensuring the quality of your cleaning program.

Benefits of In-House Janitorial Services

Primary reasons for having in-house cleaning staff  include:

Building Knowledge: Facility managers will be more involved in the cleaning and therefore have more on-going knowledge about the cleaning and any issues.

Flexibility: With their own staff, a building manager can assign new or revised tasks to an existing cleaner on the fly.

Relationships with Staff: A facility manager will be hiring and work closely with the cleaning team, forging a stronger relationship.

If you are a gym, recreation centre or other business planning for re-opening, this is the time to explore cleaning services options. For best performance and cost-effectiveness, the contracted cleaning services really does “shine” compared to in-house cleaning. Do your own analysis on which building cleaning method will work best. Even better, getting a proposal from a contractor will show you the best fit for your company.

EFS Clean provides trusted office cleaning and janitorial services in Calgary, and is the industry leader in electrostatic disinfecting services in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver. A Calgary owned and grown cleaning company, cleaning for health and contributing to our community since 2005. Services offered: cleaning services, electrostatic disinfecting, ceiling cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning and care, carpet cleaning, high reach cleaning and supply management. 

FAQ’s for Hiring A Calgary Cleaning Company

Looking to hire a commercial cleaning company? Here are some frequently asked questions about cleaning services that may help you get better value and results from your search.

Frequently asked questions for hiring Calgary cleaning services

What do office and industrial cleaning services cost? Cost/time will depend on the size of your space, the frequency of cleaning and the scope of work to be completed. A professional cleaning services company will calculate the time needed to complete the work based on industry standards, as well as supplies and equipment required to do that work. 

Why are some cleaning companies cheaper than others? You generally get what you pay for in cleaning services. Some companies offer more comprehensive services such as inspections programs, supply management services, an account rep, higher insurance coverage and safety accreditations. Bids that seem like a “really good deal” may not provide adequate insurance, safety training, communication processes or staff pay. Another trick? These low bid companies sometimes start cheap and then raise your prices once they are in. 

Be wary of low bids as these cleaning companies may not have adequate insurance, safety training, communication processes or staff pay.

How do I know what cleaning company to choose? There are so many! Do your research. Here is some criteria you may want to check:

  • type of work the company does; induSouthland Leisure Floor Cleaningstrial, retail, offices?
  • cleaning services offered; electrostatic disinfecting, floor finishing, carpet cleaning, ceiling cleaning?
  • customer reviews of their work?
  • how long have they been in business?
  • technology available for billing, inspections, scheduling, work requests?
  • adequate insurance, WCB and safety accreditations?
  •  local or national company, what suits your business best?
  • do they give back to the community, and if so, how?

What cleaning services are offered; Covid cleaning, floor finishing, carpet cleaning, ceiling cleaning?

When requesting a cleaning quote, what should I ask for? Decide what is most important to you and what you are willing to pay for. For example, on-line billing and payments, a dedicated account rep, supplies management, on-line requests, etc.  

Does it matter if a cleaning company uses cleaning sub-contractors rather than their own employees? Yes, it does matter! Companies that use sub-contractors may simply farm out your job, keep some of the profit, and then pay another company to do it for them. I

Working with a trusted Calgary cleaning company makes cleaning services easier to manage.

Can I get a cleaning services quote emailed to me or does the company have to come see the space? Ask a cleaning company to do a site assessment before submitting a quote. You will get a customized cleaning program based on your specific needs, and more accurate pricing.

Do I have to provide the cleaning supplies and equipment? No, cleaning companies should be including the cleaning chemicals, small wares (such as mops) and equipment (such as vacuums, scrubbers) as part of their price.

Does a cleaning company buy our supplies like toilet paper and soap, or do I buy that myself? If you’d prefer to have a supplies management program, where the cleaning company buys those items for you, you can request that. You should get better pricing as they buy these supplies on volume, and it takes the tracking, ordering and re-stocking of supplies off your plate.

Do I have to sign a contract? Most companies will ask you for a contract, which is fair as they are investing time and equipment into starting up your job. Most often, the contract will be 1 – 2 years (longer for larger contracts) and should include an out clause if you are not satisfied with the company’s performance. 

What happens if I am not happy with the cleaning? As soon as an issue arises, notify your cleaning company representative. A company can not address and fix any issues if they do not know about it. Having said that, most companies should be doing regular inspections so they can catch issues before they get to you.

Managing your janitorial services does not have to be difficult and time consuming.

Cleaning services are an essential part of running a good business, not only for appearance but also for the health of your staff and customers. With the right partner, it should be easy. Do your research on potential companies and their work. If you choose a company you feel comfortable with, knowing they have the right people, practices and experience, the cleaning should take care of itself. 

EFS Clean provides trusted office cleaning and janitorial services in Calgary, and is the industry leader in electrostatic disinfecting services in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver. A Calgary owned and grown cleaning company, cleaning for health and contributing to our community since 2005. Services offered: cleaning services, electrostatic disinfecting, ceiling cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning and care, carpet cleaning, high reach cleaning and supply management. 

Janitorial Services Solutions for Calgary Property & Facilities Managers

Being a property or facilities manager is not for the faint of heart.  A survey by property management company Unicom uncovered the top challenges that these managers face, including finding quality staff, and growing revenues. No easy answers there. But, there are a few solutions for some of the other common issues plaguing property managers in Calgary. Let’s look at them . . . you’re blood pressure will thank you.

Challenge: Unexpected Building Maintenance and Damage

Solution: Pre-Scheduled Cleaning & Janitorial Services Project Work

Floor Deep Cleaning

Ratty carpets, slippery floors, dirty washrooms, soiled ceilings. When cleaning and maintenance is neglected, building assets will not only look bad but will start wearing out and causing potential safety hazards. Start by ensuring you have a Calgary commercial cleaning company that can do specialized project work. Then, build a schedule of asset cleaning into your cleaning services program. Not only will it add life to these assets, but your building will look better to tenants, and you’ll save money on replacements costs.

For example, ceiling cleaning services in Calgary (yes, offered by EFS Clean) cost about 75% less than replacing ceiling tiles, keeping tiles out of the landfill. Ceiling cleaning is done in place, during closed hours so there is no down-time to operations as there would be for ceiling replacement. Offices look cleaner, brighter and air quality is improved. Tell me your tenants wouldn’t love that!

Challenge: Time Management

Solution: Quality Assured Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Janitorial services quality assurance

Office cleaning services are now managed and tracked digitally, using innovative quality assurance technology and apps. This allows property managers to communicate quickly with their commercial cleaning company, and the cleaning teams to respond quickly to issues. This Q.A. technology also allows Calgary commercial cleaning companies to inspect the cleaning performance in their buildings and get in front of any issues. All of this quality assurance frees up property managers from tracking down cleaners, waiting for responses and dealing with tenant complaints. Your time can be spent on doing your job, not the cleaning company’s job. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Challenge: Lowering Operating Costs

Solution: Customized Cleaning Services Programs For Better Value

Lowering costs is an on-going goal for most companies. This is especially true in markets like Calgary where vacancy rates have increased, putting more pressure on property management companies. Now, a word of warning; getting the lowest cost cleaning services typically ends up costing you more. But, you can lower costs and get better value with a more efficient cleaning program that puts more focus on your high-priority areas and tasks, and saves time/money on other areas. As earlier mentioned, scheduling project work will also lower costs and give you a better return on investment on building assets.

Business today is all about being smarter and more efficient with time and money. It’s not always easy to do but one area you can practice this approach is with commercial cleaning services. Talk to a reputable cleaning services company in Calgary and ask them for solutions to your property management challenges. It will pay off!

EFS Clean provides trusted office cleaning and janitorial services in Calgary, and is the industry leader in electrostatic disinfecting services in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver. A Calgary owned and grown cleaning company, cleaning for health and contributing to our community since 2005. Services offered: janitorial services, electrostatic disinfecting, ceiling cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning and care, carpet cleaning, high reach cleaning and supply management.

Tips to Apply Ice Melt to Avoid Damage to your Building

With of the huge liabilities that businesses face with slip-and-fall injuries, there is no doubt ice melt is a must have when the snow falls. What many people don’t’ realize is there is some knowledge required to using this product properly.

Cleaning Services Become Challenging with Additional Salt in Your Building

Cleaning up wet, muddy floors is a given. But to add “salt” to the wound (excuse the pun), cleaning services become more difficult with extra clean-up due to common overuse of ice melt by building managers. 

We got a call from one of our clients who noticed a white chalky residue left on their floors. The floors had been thoroughly cleaned the night before but when daylight came the residue was noticeable. It didn’t take long to discover that around their building was an excess of ice melt on the sidewalks and around the doors.

Experienced Cleaning Companies can Adjust your Janitorial Services to Ensure an Effective Floor Cleaning Solution.

We worked with our client to ensure a solution to ensure, which was adding a neutralizer to the floor cleaning solution.  It’s acidity has a chemical reaction to the salt residue and then this reaction turns the alkaline nature of the ice melt to a neutral pH. The result is that the residue will then have the same basic neutral pH state as faucet water and therefore becomes as easy to wipe up as water.

We then recommended to our client that less ice melt be used. Not only will this help with less of the product tracking into the building and causing havoc with the floors, it will also help prevent excess de-icer eating away at the metal trim on their building’s exterior. In addition, we mentioned that good quality tracking mats inside and outside the doors will help keep the ice melt outside, where it belongs.

The best way to ensure your de-icing efforts are doing more good than harm?  Do your research to find the right kind of ice melt and then make sure you are using the right amount. A simple solution to a common problem.


EFS Clean is Calgary’s locally-owned-and-grown commercial cleaning company. Our services include janitorial services, construction cleaning, ceiling cleaning, electrostatic disinfecting, low-rise window cleaning, for and carpet deep cleaning and quality assurance inspections. Let us help you get a better clean by calling 403-949-3344 or send us a message on our Contact Us page.