Ask For This to Get Better Value For Your Cleaning Services in Calgary
EFS Clean Office Cleaning Services

Having a company that has provided commercial and office cleaning services in Calgary since 2005, let me give you some tips to help you avoid falling victim to several frustrating and expensive pitfalls when hiring a janitorial services company.

I’m going to cover each problem area over a series of blogs so we can get a little more into the meat and potatoes of these common problems, and in turn, you can get the best value for your cleaning services dollars.

First, let’s look at:

Office Cleaning Services Should Include Quality Assurance Inspections

You want to know that the scope of work you are paying for is being done, don’t you? This is especially relevant when many office cleaning companies in Calgary compete purely on price versus value, leading to under-pricing and under-delivering.

Get the Janitorial & Cleaning Services Results You Are Paying For

When you don’t really know what cleaning is being done, the negative results will eventually show up when your building is looking dirty and worn. Or worse yet, the lack of good cleaning could lead to the on-going spread of illness. By this time, it’s going to be much more difficult to get your cleaning outcomes back up to a higher standard.

Office Cleaning Services Inspections Tailored to Your Needs

When considering a cleaning services company, look closely at the quality assurance inspections they are offering. What is the inspection process? For example, we typically do walk-through inspections weekly or bi-weekly and can be done by our management staff or in conjunction with the client. The reporting can also be customized to the client. Do you want a report for every inspection or would you prefer a monthly summary? Also, ask about their process for dealing with cleaning deficiencies.

Fast Responses and Better Accountability from Your Cleaning Company

Also important to customers is receiving fast responses and corrective action from their cleaning team. Our business philosophy; we will make mistakes from time to time, but we promise our customers on-going communications and quick responses to fix any issues that arise. Our Q.A. inspections program facilitates this by reporting results and fast-tracking communication between our customers, management and cleaning staff. When you have accountability from your cleaning company, you will have better results and a better working relationship.

Your Take Away for Quality Office Cleaning Services in Calgary . . .

When evaluating janitorial services proposals, don’t be blinded by price alone. Instead, look for value and evaluate the cleaning company’s Q.A. inspections and reporting program. Ask them to give you examples of how their program helps current customers and how it can help your business. If the cleaning company is experienced and competent, you will get the quality assurance and value you are looking for with your office cleaning services.

EFS Clean provides trusted commercial and office cleaning services, and is the industry leader in electrostatic disinfecting services. A Calgary owned and grown cleaning company, cleaning for health and contributing to our community since 2005. Services offered: janitorial services, electrostatic disinfecting, ceiling cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning and care, carpet cleaning, high reach cleaning and supply management.