FAQ’s about Covid-19 Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

A year ago, the word disinfecting was not part of our daily vocabulary. And it’s a safe bet that basically no one knew what electrostatic disinfecting was. My, how things have changed. Today, the importance of effective cleaning and disinfecting to prevent and treat the spread of viruses is paramount.

Disinfecting Services in Calgary, Edmonton and Area – Key to Preventing the Spread of Infection

“Before this pandemic hit, it was a struggle getting people to understand the importance of disinfecting services as part of their cleaning program”, says John Kangles, President of EFS Clean. Now, people are getting it and electrostatic disinfecting is a core part of our business,” says Kangles.

Helping people with their cleaning and disinfecting needs on a daily basis, the team at EFS Clean has a list of FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) that should answer any questions you have about electrostatic disinfecting.

Disinfecting Services – Frequency Asked Questions:

What is your experience in electrostatic disinfecting? EFS Clean has been providing this service for years, long before COVID-19 emerged. We work with a clients including Westjet, Costco, Government offices, etc. in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto.

Why is electrostatic better than other methods such as misting or fogging? Electrostatic technology is the newest innovation in disinfecting and superior because it completely wraps around any surface, providing 100% disinfecting coverage. The technology works like powder coat paint where the disinfectant particles are charged and then are attracted to the opposite charge on surfaces. The disadvantage to misting or fogging is the disinfectant solution is sprayed and simply falls wherever gravity pulls it down. So, it will not provide the same amount of coverage, especially the undersides of surfaces and inside crevices. 

Is your disinfectant certified for Coronavirus? Yes, it is Health Canada approved for a kill claim for Coronavirus, Norovirus, cold/flu virus and more in 2 minutes or less. 

Do you do disinfect homes? Yes, our service is for homes and businesses and will include all areas and all touch points; doors, handles, switches, furniture, computers, equipment, washrooms, kitchens, etc. 

Can you disinfect vehicles? Absolutely. We have serviced semi trucks, delivery trucks, airplanes, busses and personal vehicles.

Can you disinfect a home for move-ins/move-outs? We sure can. We have worked with realtors and property managers disinfecting homes prior to prior to a new occupant move-in.

What is the price? It depends on square footage, if you are out-of-town, etc. Contact us for a quote.

Beware Cheap Disinfecting Services Prices

Why are some disinfecting services cheaper than others?  Ask what type of disinfecting they do; electrostatic, fogging, misting. Electrostatic is superior. If doing electrostatic, ask what type of sprayer they use. Cheap electrostatic sprayers are inconsistent in coverage, break down often and cost much less to purchase. We use the Clorox Total 360 systems which is the most advanced, effective sprayer on the market, is proven through robust Clorox testing and costs 10x more than the cheap sprayers some companies use.

Can the disinfectant be used on computer equipment? Certainly. The material viability testing has been done and can be provided upon request. The disinfectant can be used on papers, computers, monitors, phones, industrial machinery, etc. To be safe, if you have highly sensitive areas, such as I.T. rooms, we will typically recommend that you disinfect those areas yourself by hand.

What do I have to do to prepare for the disinfecting service? The technician will arrive at your scheduled time. Please leave open any cupboards, drawers, closets etc. that you would like sprayed. Remove or cover any food items that are in the spray area. Please relay any other instructions to our tech on site. 

Do I have to leave when the spraying is being done? No, you don’t have to be out of your home of office space. You will be required to be in an area separate from the one being sprayed but you can re-enter the space soon after.

When can we re-enter an area after being sprayed?  The re-entry time is “zero”. This means,  once the disinfectant has dried (10-15 minutes) you can re-enter the area immediately as there is no lingering odors or affects. 

Emergency Service for COVID-19 Positive Cases

Do you have offer service for a positive COVID case? Yes. We offer an emergency call-out service for an additional fee, to be on site within 12-24 hours (and often we can get there sooner than that). 

Can you provide documentation that the service has been done? Yes, upon request, we will send you a certification letter of disinfecting including your business information and date of service. 

Do you offer weekly service? Yes. If you are looking for on-going protection, we have daily/weekly disinfecting programs. You get preferred pricing, emergency-call-out priority and signage so staff and customers know your facility is regularly disinfected with electrostatic technology. 

How do I pay for the service? You can pay the invoice on-line by credit card, be e-transfer or by cheque. 

Disinfecting for Canadian Blood Services.

What kind of businesses should use electrostatic disinfecting? Any type of business will benefit from this service, from industrial to retail. As well as any type of organization, such as schools, churches. Anywhere people gather.  

Does electrostatic disinfecting make sense for large industrial spaces? Absolutely. The Clorox Total 360 system we use is especially adept at doing large spaces, fast and efficiently. And it’s safe to use on machinery, tools, etc. 

Transportation and Industrial Businesses Benefit with Uninterrupted Operations

What kind of businesses benefit from a weekly or monthly electrostatic disinfecting service? Essential businesses, such as trucking companies, that need to ensure they can keep operating a full capacity especially benefit from on-going disinfecting protection. 

Do I need to clean an area before electrostatic disinfecting? Only if there is visible dirt or grease covering the surfaces to be disinfected. 

How does electrostatic disinfecting work? The technology came from the auto painting industry. Similar to powder coat paint, the disinfectant particles are charged and adhere to the opposite charge on surfaces, providing for 360 degree wrap-around coverage.  

How long does electrostatic disinfecting last? The disinfection lasts until the surface is touched again. 

Can I be there during the disinfection spraying to give specific instructions? Yes. You can be in the building, even if there has been a positive case, wearing PPE and leaving the area when we spray. Or, you can provide instruction to us without entering the building. Whatever you are comfortable with.

What PPE do you wear during the disinfecting service? Our technicians wear masks and gloves. Because the disinfecting system is touchless, it is very safe.

If you are looking for effective commercial cleaning and disinfecting services, contact EFS Clean or call 403-949-3344.

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