How Offices & Cleaning Services in Calgary Will Change in a Post-Covid World

Is the pre-pandemic office structure gone forever? If you ask most business leaders, the answer is YES! Working remotely became a necessity during COVID, but it looks like this trend could continue indefinitely.

“Our best estimate is that 25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021”, says Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics.

Offices in Calgary will be More Flexible and Adaptable

Although the pandemic forced companies and managers to pivot quickly (and often chaotically) to a remote work structure, that hard work for most companies is now complete. With the structures already in place, many businesses are now offering employees a hybrid attendance model. And employees are liking it, with many saying they would even take a pay cut in order to work from home.

Flexibility and adaptability of offices spaces of the future will be key. Many of these features will include:

  • modular furniture that can be moved as needed
  • shared desks that can be used by employees when in the office
  • increased meeting and brainstorming space versus dedicated office space
  • robust on-line file access and sharing for working off-site

Effective Cleaning Services in Calgary Offices to Keep Employees Healthy

For those businesses that must have in-person employees, or have employees in the office part of the week, the post-pandemic protocol will continue to include more safety measures:

  1. Disinfecting stations will be available throughout the offices, especially near kitchens and washrooms. Air purifiers and well maintained HVAC systems will ensure cleaner air.

2. Office cleaning programs will include more robust disinfecting and employees will be reminded to clear off desks for regular wiping.

3. For some, wearing masks in the office (or staying home) when they are experiencing a regular cold or flu may also become the norm, cutting down on the spread of illness.

Worker Productivity Based on Results, Not Bums-in-Seats

“But how will we know employees are being productive working from home?”, ask many business managers. Management experts continue to remind us that we need to be managing by results, not from bums-in-seats. When I was in media sales, the old adage from managers was, “We want to see your faces at the beginning of the day, and again at the end of the day, and the rest of the day you should be out selling”. I always thought it was a ridiculous rule! We were paid on 100% commission so seeing our faces didn’t matter, it was sales results that should have mattered.

Research shows that managers who have worked remotely are more likely to trust employees, focus on results and endorse this way of working. They also know the many benefits of working from home including:

  • more engaged, happier employees
  • employees who are able to work more effectively according to their natural rhythms (night hawks hate having to be productive first thing in the morning, but will happily work into the wee hours of the night)
  • remote workers benefit from spending less on gas and buying lunches
  • less commuting means less car pollution for the environment

There are so many terrible things that came from the pandemic, but there is one benefit that came out of it . . . there are now more options than ever to structure your workplace in a way that keeps employees happy and safe.

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