Industrial Office Cleaning Improves Production and Profitability

Industrial businesses face unique challenges. This is especially true during this COVID-19 pandemic where the health of staff, and in turn, productivity levels are at risk.

Prevention of Illness through Industrial Office Cleaning is Key to Maintaining Productivity

An often overlooked tool in improving health and productivity for the industrial sector is a comprehensive cleaning program which includes illness prevention through daily and pre-scheduled tasks.

“There are several aspects to industrial cleaning that can greatly improve operations”, says Bob Gehlen, V.P. of Operations for EFS Clean. Having a pre-scheduled, well executed cleaning program customized to the challenges of industrial facilities will improve your bottom line.”

Choosing An Experienced Industrial Cleaning Company in Calgary Saves Money and Time

When developing a cleaning program, ensure you work with a cleaning contractor that can address the areas and tasks required for industrial/manufacturing facilities:

High cleaning for industrial facilities

High Cleaning – High ductwork, light fixtures etc. should not be ignored. Regular cleaning of high surfaces will reduce fly-away dust and debris in plants and sensitive areas.

Ceiling Cleaning – Even acoustic office ceiling tiles can, and should, be cleaned regularly. Dust and pollutants get trapped inside porous tiles affecting those with breathing sensitivities. Dirty ceiling tiles also look dark and dingy affecting the morale of staff.

Janitorial Services for Industrial Buildings Should Include Pre-scheduled Tasks to Reduce Costs

Tile and concrete deep cleaning for industrial buildings.

Excessive Dust and Grease – Some facilities produce an excessive amount of filth which accumulates and becomes harder to clean over time. Specialized cleaning solutions can tackle excessive grime but it’s important to know the right chemical to use and how to safely apply it to a variety of surfaces.

Window Cleaning – Just like other surfaces, glass takes a beating in an industrial setting. Again, regularly scheduled window cleaning will keep your facility bright and will save you money on your glass cleaning in the long run.

Cooler Cleaning – Cleaning drips and messes in a cooler presents unique challenges. Expert cleaning is required to remove materials such as grease and fat from the cool environment. Ensure the contractor you are considering has this expertise.

Golden Rule: Regular cleaning of dust and grease is much easier and cost-effective than leaving the mess to be cleaned once every few years.

Electrostatic disinfecting services for industrial offices

Electrostatic Disinfecting – Whether it’s COVID-19 or the common cold/flu, the on-going threat of illness can cause chaos in your operations and productivity.

“Innovative technology, such as electrostatic disinfecting that EFS Clean uses, is a game-changer in illness prevention, ” says Gehlen. “We have trucking companies, manufacturers and many other types of businesses on scheduled disinfecting programs to ensure they keep healthy and operating.”

If you are looking for ways to increase productivity and profitability for your industrial business, put cleaning on your list of tools to get your there.

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