What Makes EFS Clean Different?

Providing More Value. Building Great Relationships.

Huge thanks to you and your crew on the gym and studio floor refinish.  Walked in this morning and it was truly a sigh of relief that what was promised happened in its entirety and more.  One more piece of the building I will gladly turn over to your services moving forward.  Great work and thanks for continuing to better our facility.

Trico Centre for Family Wellness

There’s a reason we are one of the most trusted commercial cleaning companies in Calgary, cleaning some of the hardest-to-clean, busiest, buildings.

We provide recreation centre and gym cleaning services, office cleaning services, industrial cleaning services and restaurant cleaning services along with a full list of specialty cleaning services to ensure building assets are protected and maintained.

Our expertise and experience ensures our customers’ buildings are not only cleaned for appearance but cleaned for health as well.

And we take special pride in the many unique ways we provide more value, from hosting customers at Flames games to providing “thank you" comp services. 

Most of all, we love getting to know our clients, supporting their businesses and building long-lasting relationships with them (as you can see from our customer testimonials). 

Costco Wholesale in Calgary has used EFS Clean for many years to provide ceiling cleaning in their food services areas. This has led to us servicing various Costco locations, even outside of Calgary, with ceiling cleaning and other specialty cleaning services such as high dusting and washroom deep cleaning.

– Costco Wholesale, Calgary

A Unique Journey into the Commercial and Offices Cleaning Services Business

What’s our story? We are Calgary owned, grown and operated. And proud of our entrepreneurial sprit having been started by President, John Kangles in 2005. Coming from the distribution side of the cleaning industry, he worked with many Calgary commercial cleaning companies and was not always impressed with how they did business. Armed with an MBA degree, John created a janitorial cleaning services company focused on value (not price) and customer service (not lip service). John also used his industry background to build an operations team with unparalleled knowledge of chemicals and equipment to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

This expertise and long-time dedication, coupled with the combined 60+ years of industry experience from the EFS Clean management team, is a winning combination unmatched by other Calgary cleaning companies.

Calgary Cleaning Services Focused on Customer Service, Not Lip Service

What do we do? We promise you trusted commercial cleaning services that come with extra value, supported by excellent people, using responsible practices, all delivered with a smile and a guarantee. 

Why we do it? Because we like helping people. We like helping them be healthy, happy and successful. 

What makes us good at what we do? We are grateful. For our professional, knowledgeable staff. For our friendly, loyal customers. For Calgary, this beautiful city we call home. All of this inspires us to be a better cleaning services company. 

What makes us special? Commitment to our customers and community runs deep. From partnering on initiatives to help families in need and to employing and empowering new Canadians, the health and well-being of our community is at the heart of our values. Oh yeah, and everything else listed above is pretty special too.